Who is Blondeswhoblog?

When I initially decided to set up Blondeswhoblog, the blog was going to be about two blonde friends living in Dubai with our blog content focused on single life, going out, working out and enjoying our 20s. My life couldn’t be any further away from this at the moment. I’m currently living in the UK, unemployed, not done a serious workout since January, oh…and I’m also 34 weeks pregnant.


The last 8 months have been a whirl wind of emotion with every aspect of my life changing. I moved out of my apartment which I lived in with friends, left my job and was trying to figure out how with very little savings and being in my early 20s, I was going to pull off being a single parent.

Rewind. I fell pregnant over Christmas 2015, I was seeing someone and it was progressing very quickly (not, lets have kids quickly) he was great and we got along very well, however for one reason or another it faded out and by the new year it had ended, just 4 weeks after meeting. I was a little gutted but accepted it, I had a skiing holiday booked with my best friend and things were good so I focused on that. On the lead up to flying off for a week of snow, beer and all the cheese fondue, I felt tired, emotional, chubby and my boobs hurt. I was laying in bed holding my boobs when the word ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck’ rung through my head. I called the pharmacy and had them deliver two pregnancy tests (they do that), my roommate was in the shower and the other was at work, so I went into her bathroom, pee’d on a stick and starred at the little white windows, where two little plus signs began to appear.

Fast forward. I returned  from my holiday and told the dad to be, he was beyond upset as were both our families, and for just over a week, it was abortion, no abortion, abortion (in my head) I had an appointment booked and was just trying not to think about it (lies, I was thinking about it 24/7), I messaged my mum at 3am, unable to sleep and with a sickening feeling of guilt in my stomach and told her I couldn’t go through with the abortion.

Play. I’m  now 34 weeks pregnant with a little girl, lucky enough to have a very supportive family while preparing for her arrival and this is where our journey starts.

I plan for Blondeswhoblog to focus on the upcoming arrival of my little lady, embracing mummy life as a single parent, and tips/reviews on things I’ve learnt throughout my pregnancy and where our lives go next, there will also be features from friends and family with their lifestyles!




4 thoughts on “Who is Blondeswhoblog?”

  1. Wow… just read you most recent update… Stumbled across your blog via instagram! Wow how things change and how life changes…. Good luck with things it sounds like you have amazing friends and family supporting you and I have no doubt things will go well! Good luck with the birth of your daughter in the coming months! x


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