One Month Of Mum Life.

Boom. I’ve made it through the first month of motherhood, one painful labour, three very stressful days and nights in the hospital with a poorly baby, a thousand nappies, a few tears, one flight to Dubai and thirty amazing days with my daughter.


I’d like to say I’ve spent the last month living in my pj’s, on the couch getting to grips with motherhood but since Isabella arrived we’ve been non-stop.Midwife appointments, registrations (birth), applications (passport) and we’ve had lots of visitors; friends and family and meeting Isabellas daddys family who thank fully are all really lovely and adore the little lady (which is a great relief as could have easily gone the other way!)  We flew to Dubai last week, it’s taken a few days to settle but I can proudly say that I’m writing this next to a sleeping baby, in my pj’s with a glass of merlot and it feels like a little slice of heaven. Now, I could write paragraphs and paragraphs of what I’ve experienced in the last month but you’d probably read a few lines, get bored and zone out so I thought i’d break it down with just the important bits…

Labour is horrific, you think you’re prepared for the level of pain you’re going to endure but you have absolutely no fucking clue. My vagina twitches at the thought of it.

Post labour, is best explained as your own bloody horror movie. Ladies, it aint pretty.

Breast-feeding is really really hard, I’ve been breast-feeding for a month now and it’s only just gotten easier. The first two weeks we’re extremely painful when she latched on, it was that toe curling, punch in the stomach kind of pain. I highly recommend using nipple cream all day, everyday, every time you finish a feed or get out the shower slap it on, your nipples will thank you for it.  I also had mastitis (a blocked duct) which is very common in first time breast feeders, your boob throbs with pain, you get a fever, and just feel pretty shit and of course the best way to clear mastitis? Is for your baby to feed and clear the blockage OUCHHHHHH!! I have no idea how long i’ll breast-feed for, it changes on a daily bases but I’ve started introducing an afternoon formula feed just to give myself a little rest bite and a little bit of freedom.

If you need help, ask for it. Our first week at home, I had my mum sleep in the bed with us because I genuinely had no idea what I was doing, tie that in with total exhaustion and it’s bloody difficult to do by yourself. I had no clue how time consuming babies were and how the simplest of things like going for a shower, having a cup of tea, brushing your teeth or writing a blog post were going to become monumental achievements! Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, family member or friend, let them help you, it will take the pressure off and keep you sane!

Babygrows, babygrows, babygrows. My opinion is you can’t have too many, I’ve bought Isabella so many cute outfits and dresses but she hasn’t had one on her back, mainly because they don’t fit her yet but also when they’re that small, I just feel like they need to be in cosy, soft clothes instead of stylish outfits which often aren’t so comfortable.

You’ll be late for everything, even if you plan to get ready hours before, you’ll be late.

Sleep when the baby is sleeping, I know this is well-known piece of advice but it’s true, there is nothing worse than dealing with a screaming baby while struggling to keep your eyes open.

It will be amazing.





What pregnancy taught me


While waiting for my little one to make a fashionably late appearance, I’ve been looking over the last nine (nearly) 10 months and how far I’ve come, from the moment I found out I was pregnant, to hearing her heartbeat for the first time, to finding out I was having a girl, to feeling her first kick, seeing that first stretch mark, loosing all sense of dignity in front of your midwife and everything in between so I thought I would share with you some of the things I personally learnt about pregnancy:

It’s not as hard as you think, don’t get me wrong pregnancy is hard between nausea, weight gain, tiredness, fat ankles, mood swings, hormones, lack of sleep, stress and stretch marks, it’s a pretty emotional nine months but I promise you’ll get through it, you’ll be amazed how strong and independent you really are.

There is no perfect time to have a baby, I was far from the “perfect” situation when I found out I was pregnant (details are in my previous post) but if you really want something to work you will find a way, regardless of how much people tell you it’s wrong or how upsetting it is for everyone around you, having a baby is the one time where I believe you can and should be 100% selfish and make the decision for yourself. Those that truly care about you and love you, will come around eventually and if they don’t, look at it as an effective way to remove negative people from you life (ain’t nobody got time for that)!

You will become an expert at peeing in a cup.

It’s okay to have concerns, I didn’t even think I could get pregnant, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and had convinced myself that I would never have children and that no one would ever marry me because I was barren (I’m a pretty dramatic person). So since being pregnant I have been completely paranoid, I have had over nine scans (you generally have two) and have been to a day assessment unit twice, I’ve googled endlessly about all the things that can go wrong and I’ve driven my mum mad asking things like, can I eat this? Is my bath too hot? Did I workout too hard? I don’t feel pregnant today, is something wrong? She’s not kicked 20 times today? A high precent of the time you are absolutely fine but don’t sit there stressing and concerned, just ask, trust me you won’t be the first.

You will get stretch marks and you will cry, No matter how much oil you slap on that bump of yours you will more than likely get some form of stretch marks, it’s purely down to how quick you gain weight and if you have ‘that’ type of skin. You can defiantly minimise  the damage by using bio oil and adding coconut oil to your bath. I thought I was safe from getting my tiger stripes but BOOM, hit week 40 mate and that was it. I was depressed about them, had a good cry and then I got over it. They will fade and it’s a small price to pay really.

Do prenatal yoga.

Due dates are bullshit. Do yourself a favour, whatever your due date is add two weeks to that, the hospital will no longer let you go over 14 days of your due date. Then if your little one shows up before that 14 day period it’s a bonus because trust me (writing this from 41 weeks + 2) there is nothing more soul damaging than seeing that due date come and go.

Gaviscon will become your best friend. 

Natural induction is a myth, no amount of brisk walking, sex, nipple rubbing, spicy food, pineapple juice, stretch and sweeps will bring on labour unless your baby and body are ready.

maternity jeans are heaven.


It’s still so surreal, I have all of my baby things in my room. I wake up every morning looking at a pushchair, moses basket, baby clothes and endless baby products, I look down at my bump and feel her kicking the shit out of my belly and yet I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that there is a little person in my belly with a face, little fingers and toes, that’s going to call me mum. Honestly blows my mind. Women are fucking fantastic.

Enjoy it.