Isabella’s first birthday at Fume

When planning Isabella’s first birthday, initially in my head I had this huge garden party with hundreds of balloons, a bouncy castle, a swimming pool and a magical unicorn serving rainbow ice cream (yes I day dream) however, I soon realised ones budget doesn’t stretch that far, especially for a day that Isabella wouldn’t actually remember. Also, even at the end of September it’s still far too hot to be drinking pimms in the garden, so I went for the most Dubai option there is for birthdays, brunch.


Top of my list, was somewhere super kid friendly and somewhere Isabella could crawl around. I had heard of a few family friendly brunches but one that kept coming up on mum groups and Instagram was Fume Kids brunch for 30AED! Every Friday and Saturday Fume set up a children’s play pen with toys, colouring table and a little buffet bar for just 30AED, the kiddies food includes pizzas, mini burgers, chips, pasta, vegetables, carrot sticks, popcorn and ice cream! It really is good value for money.


Fume thought about the parents too, for just 199AED per person you can have a selection of wines, beer and cocktails including their infamous “ultimate gins”,  the food is served to the table, on sharing platters. The adults menu includes a selection of starters, and for mains they offer ribs, mac and cheese, pasta, meatballs and sliders, yeah the food is pretty basic but again, great value.


If you’re looking for somewhere great for the all the family, able to eat without your child hanging off you then fume is a great shout, be warned there are children everywhere and one thing that was a little frustrating, there is no age limit on the play pen so lets just say there were a few older kids trying to smash stuff up and mummy had to step in when a few blocks were being thrown.


Location: Fume, Pier 7, Marina
Timings: 12-4pm, Friday & Saturday
Children’s brunch: 30AED
Adults brunch package: 199AED
Contact: +971 4 421 5669