Hey gorgeous guys & gals,

So I’ve been going through one of those phases of over indulging & enjoying cake just a little too much… and i’ve really felt like my body needed a good detox.
Initially the plan was to join Sian on her juicing journey, however with my late nights at the bakery & unpredictable schedule, I needed something a little bit simpler that wouldn’t take much time & effort to prepare. Then the lightbulb moment hit me & I realised… what’s easier than doing absolutely nothing?

I’m a big supporter of intermittent fasting anyway so the Curious George inside me thought ‘why not try a 5 day water fast?’
Yes you read that correctly…. 5 days of absolutely nothing but water. Easy enough to follow with just one rule to abide by, the water fast seems like the simplest option.

Water fast

Now before the keyboard warriors get their engines running… I am fully aware of the possible risks of fasting & metabolism & muscle loss blah blah blah…. i’ve done all the research & this is not my first rodeo sunshine.
Back in 2014 I did the 7 day Beyonce/Lemonade diet and lost 8 pounds and I genuinely enjoyed the experience.
These sorts of cleanses & detoxes are not for everyone, but I can certainly say they’re brilliant for slimming in to a dress quickly for a special occasion.

On another note… you can read just a few of the many articles here that explain the wondrous benefits water fasting has on your body & why its not as crazy an idea as most of us are trained to believe.



Anyway, along my journey I kept a short & sweet diary of my experience for anyone intrigued to see how it went….

Day 1:
A few hunger pangs but nothing major.. Headache towards the end of the day & and ‘slight’ irritability… (the receptionist at the nail salon said they couldn’t fit me in for a mani and I felt like she’d murdered my mum)
Although irritable, the motivation is still high by the end of the day and I’m pretty confident I can do this.

Day 2:
Surprisingly woke up not feeling hungry at all and slept really well!
However, lunch time came around and we were taking images of cupcakes… something switched in me and I felt like I wanted to eat the whole world. But amazingly I carried on sipping away at my water.
Headache again towards the eve.

Day 3:
Horrendous nights sleep, kept dreaming of food. Woke up feeling achy & weak… I am exhausted.
Todays bake was a big chocolate cake, and I noticed my sense of smell has heightened (ffs) I was washing chocolate ganache off my spatula and genuinely had to hold back from putting the whole thing in my mouth.
However, I’ve read that day 3 is usually when the body goes into full ketosis (optimum fat burning mode) so I’m extremely determined to push past it.

Day 4:
I woke up to the smell of bacon, I am HUNGRY. however, I don’t feel as weak this morning & have a bit more energy… hello ketosis!
But then the afternoon comes around and I’m extremely irritated, people chewing loudly has my blood boiling… Completely reasonable reaction.
4pm- i feel exhausted, my head hurts, my muscles ache, i feel miserable
5pm – i ate a cupcake


The End.

So in conclusion, the water fast only 4 days for me. The only way I can describe it is almost like having the flu, headaches, feeling weak, achey, every step & arm movement feeling heavy. My body just wasn’t prepared for it & being on my feet all day at work was absolute torture.

I’m glad I tried it and have no regrets although it would have been great to complete the full 5 days. However, its always best to listen to your body in those situations. Don’t ever feel guilty for finishing early if thats what your body needs.

If you do decide to give it a go & have any questions or even if you just want some moral support to get you through the challenge.. give us a message at blondes who blog! We’re always happy for a chat.

Have a amazing sunny weekend, & remember to drink more water đŸ˜‰

A x

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