Stop what you’re doing… BOCA has a new menu, and it is un.real.

Chef Matthjis Stinnissen had us all going crazy again at the gastro bar, with samples of the latest menu such as the sweet potato hummus (yum), the grilled squid, roasted heritage carrots, the baked oysters, and much, much more.


Each dish was as delish as the next, however, there was a hand’s down winner from all of us… and that was the 12 hour braised lamb.


I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that you could cut this lamb with spoon. It was 10/10, and all the proof you need to know that Boca takes fine dining to the next level.

Luckily for us, it was a very special invitation only evening at Boca ( @bocadubai ), and we were spectators to the MMI Bar Academy  (@baracademyatmmi ) showcasing the newest cocktails made with the heavenly Caorunn (@caorunngin)


Caorunn is a super premium Scottish gin handcrafted using only the finest pure grain spirit as well as traditional and foraged gin botanicals. (and for those of you that want that in plain English, it’s just damn tasty)

So, one by one we were treated to a fresh, new Caorunn based cocktail whilst we enjoyed Boca’s cool and chic DIFC atmosphere & here’s the verdict:

Celtic Foragers

This was unlike any cocktail I’ve ever tried before. Watching the lovely cocktail Pro start with an ‘Absinthe rinse’ I was slightly terrified, however, after just a sip through the dainty foam top, we were pleasantly surprised!

The flavor was interesting due to the strong basil infusion (we joked that it almost reminded us of pesto) however, it was actually refreshingly tasty & thankfully not overpowering from the absinthe rinse!

Ingredients used: Caorunn, absinthe rinse, simple syrup, ginger ale, lemon, aquafaba, basil leaves



HELLO HEAVEN. This was gorgeous.

So fresh & fruity with the sweet pumpkin puree, this was an absolute winner for me.

With the splash of prosecco, it had many similarities to a pornstar martini, so if you’re a fan of fruity/sweet cocktails… this is the one for you!

Ingredients used: Caorunn, vermouth bianco, triple sec, prosecco, lemon, pumpkin puree



This was the beautiful, dainty, instaworthy cocktail.

Delicate pink in colour with a fluffy foam top, its adorable and a close favourite after the Hallogin!

It was so fresh with the elderflower & strawberry, the kind of cocktail you could drink all night & recommend over your instastory looking like a Princess.

Ingredients used: Caorunn, dry vermouth, elderflower cordial, lemon, fresh strawberry, aquafaba


Atoll Pao

This was like a luxury, classy take on the classic G&T.

With infusions of peppermint tea & orange bloom honey, this if perfect for those of you that enjoy the simplicity of a good gin & tonic, however with an impressive twist.

Ingredients used: Caorunn, peppermint tea, orange blossom honey, lemon, tonic water



So all in all, the night was a great success thanks to the wonderfully charming Omar.  And if you’re looking for good food, good gin, & good vibes… Boca is the place for you.

See you there Sweethearts.

A x




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