Mum’s Know Best with Carol Shenton – Relocating to the UK.

Our Mum’s Know Best series is back, we’ll be talking to mum’s from all walks of life from new mum’s, young mum’s, stay at home mum’s, working mum’s…we’ve got them all!!
This week we’re talking to Carol Shenton who after 6 years in the UAE has recently relocated to the UK with her family, she tells us about her new life in Cheshire and how Dubai will always be somewhere special…
Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m Carol, American born and raised. Lived all over America, mainly in New Jersey and California for most of my years. I have the sweetest one year old daughter named Isabelle. I met my husband and spent our recent years In Dubai, even our daughter was born there but, we have now decided to relocate to Cheshire area of England. After 6 & half years in Dubai, we decided to move back for Isabelle to be close to her grandparents. His parents live here in England and mine are 6-7hour flight in Florida instead of 14hours from Dubai.
What was the hardest thing during the transition? Not seeing sunshine everyday is the hardest thing. In Dubai the sun must be out 350 days of the year lol! The UK is so cold at the moment and I’m still adjusting to all the layers Isabelle and I have to put on before leaving the house, I had to change our wardrobes completely!

I miss having the beach at my doorstep. When we lived in Marina it was so easy to leave the house and walk to amazing food spots right on the beach. Growing up in California beach life has always been a big part of me. And that’s something that I will probably always truly miss aside from all the lovely friends I made there. Another thing I will miss is how close you become with friends. Most turn into family.


How is little Isabelle handling the cold weather of the UK? She’s picked up a couple of small colds but she gets soooo excited when the cold breeze hits her face. I think she’s handled it much better than me haha.


What advice would you give to families leaving Dubai to relocate? Honestly, I would make sure you’re 100% set on your decision, it’s such a big change that you can’t go into it half-hearted, I say this because most people will take a pay cut and a completely new lifestyle. Some days you’ll find yourself sat, missing Dubai and your old life that you’ll need to remind yourself why you left in the first place, I sure do! I think if I was moving from Dubai to Cali I would probably be too busy to think about Dubai that often, but moving from such a fast paced city to the countryside has been the most difficult challenge. I do love my new life and the people here are lovely but it will probably take me a few years to get accustomed.


On the other hand, it’s so refreshing to be around fresh air and seasons again. The UK is filled with so many beautiful places to go on road trips too. I have fresh food on my doorstep and summer is no longer going to be a struggle! I look forward to spending more time with the family and making lots of memories.

Dubai you always hold a big place in my heart…


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